Wednesday, November 28, 2018

8 Morning Habits to Boost Your Day and change Your Life

“We are what we repeatedly do”

Every day we wake up, we complain to the Universe about the hour, have breakfast, have a shower, read, workout, work, meditate, cook… every day we do more or less the same, without thinking about it. These tasks on its own are just a task, but when do them every day it becomes a habit. These tasks shape us and could help us, or prevent us to achieve the life we want.
I think that your habits are the key to achieve anything you want. Include tasks that help you achieve your life goals in your daily routines and you will be unstoppable. However, your habits could also be what stopping you to achieve your dreams.
The key is that everything is a habit, every day we do almost the same. We have the habit of waking up at, we have the habit of cursing the Universe, of cooking breakfast… Everything is a habit. Every little task repeated every single day has the potential of helping you to improve your life or of stopping you.
So, we really are what we repeatedly do.


Every little task that we do frequently becomes a habit, without even noticing it.
Our brain likes to create habits. It is so used to a task or series or tasks that it does it on autopilot, it is there but is not working. No working means no worries, no need of thinking, no stress, minimum effort, it just doing the task it knows perfectly.
So, I think we should stop for a moment and think about our habits, reflect on every little task we do every day because there is the key to success.


I believe that the morning routine is the key to a good day. The way you start your day affects the rest of it, it affects your mood and productivity.
If you wake up and practice gratitude, you are unconsciously setting up a positive attitude for the rest of your day.
If you wake up and energize your body, you will obtain the energy you need for the day.
Besides, I don´t know you, but I am more productive during the morning. I focus all my energy on accomplishing my daily goal in the morning. Then I do other tasks.


I have done my homework, and have already thought of some super easy morning habits, to improve our day and our life. Every little thing counts.

Easy to say but not so easy to do. Apparently, we just have to tell ourselves that the snooze button is not an option and just wake up.
Hitting the snooze button does not have any advantages, but I think the worst is that you are losing time. So you have less time to get ready, have breakfast, and you are running to do everything. This feeling remains with you the rest of the day, running everywhere, trying to catch up. Not good.


Just wake up and let the daylight enter. This would also help to stop hitting the snooze button.

Light sends a signal to our body and brain to wake up. You are telling your body that it´s a new day and it´s time to get ready.
It has a lot of advantages for your health and it makes you happier and more positive in the morning.


It´s super simple and healthy.
Drinking water in the morning is a healthy habit with lots of benefits.
First thing in the morning after waking up is to drink a glass of water, to hydrate and fuel your body.
It´s the easiest way to nourish your body in the morning, it has a lot of benefits, it activates your brain, regulates your body temperature, it even makes you have a better mood in the morning.
You can also drink warm water with lemon, it´s even better.


Starting your day in a happy mood will make your day better, you will feel more positive, energize and productive.
So, do something to uplift your mood, do something or think something that makes you happy, helps you somehow to achieve a positive mood.
Here are some ideas:
  • Listen to music
  • Meditate
  • Practice gratitude
  • Workout
Just do something that makes you happy every day in the morning.


I am always good at this point, I love breakfast!
Breakfast is the fuel of your body. Our body needs it to obtain the energy for the rest of the day. No food means no energy.
No energy means you won´t accomplish everything, or you will feel tired and probably in a bad mood.
So, invest a bit of time in the morning to have a healthy breakfast. You can prepare it, or leave more or less done, the night before.
I always include a green smoothie in my breakfast.


Do not reach your phone first thing in the morning.
I am new to this habit and so far I like it.
Not checking your phone immediately after waking up means that you focus more on yourself. Do not worry about emails, Instagram or the rest of the world, Just focus on yourself for a bit. Wake up, do your morning routine, set your mind for the day, take care of yourself and then the rest of the world.


A good morning habit is to read some pages of a book, or write a Journal, or start your morning pages.
Just take your favorite notebook and write whatever crosses your mind. Apparently, is a great way to externalize your thoughts and it´s associated with creative thinking.
Looking for information, I came across this post about the experience of a person how does the morning pages.


Set up just one clear daily goal.
Think about your life goals, your monthly goal and reflect on what you need to accomplish today that helps you to achieve them.
Focus all your energy in one main goal, prioritizing the tasks needed to accomplish it.
If you focus on just one thing, I am sure you will achieve it, and little by little, step by step, you will achieve your goals.

Now, just think for a moment in your morning habits, anything you want to change?

Thanks for reading.

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