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Freelance Writing – A Complete Guide To Successful Journey

Freelance Writing – A Complete Guide To Successful Journey

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to discuss a way to become a freelance writer which is easy, interesting, and profitable to start. Let’s discuss the INs and OUTs of this freelancing writing job. Hope my research on this job will help you to make a part-time living (maybe full-time also).

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is nothing but writing for others without being hired fulltime.
You can write from your home. Freelance writers work with many different clients at a time or they work for just one client or company at a time.
As a freelance writer, you can work with blogs, startups, companies, authors, online businesses, and magazines.
The demand for freelance writers is very high on the Internet. A person with good writing skills can make up to $250 per article.
Freelance writing became a full-time job for many people who started as a part-time job.
If your work is good, then companies and blogs will contact you everytime they need articles.

How To Start Freelance Writing?

The first prerequisite to starting a career in freelance writing is having a blog.
Yes, Every freelance writer should have a blog because it will help you to place some sample articles which your clients can go through them to check your skills, expertize, and professionality.
Having a blog will help your clients to find how special you are and it also gives a reason to choose you for their job.
This also helps you to practice writing articles.
It won’t take more than 30 mins to create a new blog for anyone.
You can check the step by step guide to creating a new WordPress blog or you can use my WordPress blog setup services.
Add your articles to your site. So it will be easy for your clients to check your articles.
Your articles reflect your writing skills, so be alert while uploading. This only help you to bring ultimate business.
Also, add some testimonials given by your previous clients. This helps new clients to trust your services.
Build your portfolio page with best of your sample posts. Write about your passion for writing and your experience & skills on “About Page”.
Finally, add “Contact Page” with your contact details and link your social profiles which you often active.

Choose A Profitable Niche (Your Writing Topic):

This is the next step you have to take wisely. Because your demand and earnings will be fully based on your topic only.
No topic will have the same demand and pay rates.
Choosing a niche will take time. Don’t get fed up with this step. You must do some research on your favorite niche that you are going to choose.
Like, finding the number of blogs, famous magazines related to your topic, products available on that topic, services, etc.
Prefer a profitable topic and at least for one week, read famous blogs related to your topic.
This will help you to understand the writing styles of famous & professional writers.
You will get a clear idea of writing an article by reading these blogs for a while.
Later give some time to practice some articles on your own. If you feel they are good, list them on your portfolio page, and also on the blog.
This is how you can grow your skills & develop your site at a time.
Once you feel that you are ready to write paid articles, then start promoting your services.

Search for your Clients:

Some people will directly contact you if they like your articles on your blog.
If you accept the payment they offered for an article, then you can start writing for them. Cheers! Your career starts as a writer from here.
If you don’t have any testimonials and you didn’t write to anyone before, then this is the toughest step for a beginner.
It’s a bit hard to convince your clients and also you can’t demand high prices. But you need to give the best of your writings to your clients at low costs.
Sometimes it’s better to write guest posts on some famous blogs. Almost every blogger accepts guest post.
You can add this experience to your testimonial page.
Don’t think for bucks in initial days and do everything and try every possible way to promote your services and increase your brand awareness.
Never compromise on giving quality and unique articles. This works for you ultimately in long-term growth.
There are also many platforms available on the internet for freelance writers.
Simply go & signup and add your services on that platform. Check the below list and sign up for every platform for free.

Best Platforms For Freelance Writers:

So you have a big list of platforms to find your clients.
Now you are very near to start making money right! Still, one more step is left that is making your first deal.
Contact blog owners and offer them a guest post. If they like your articles, they will start giving business.
You don’t need to stick to one blog at a time. You can write for as many people as you can.
There will be no conditions and limits. whether you started writing your first article for $10, or $100, it doesn’t matter.
Once you succeeded in your field, you can demand $200 – $500 per one article. Yes, It’s true and people would ready to pay you.

Promotion Strategies:

Promotions are the main matter. Even you are highly talented and skilled if you don’t promote well and enough, you obviously end up with fewer deals.
Sometimes Zero too! To overcome this, you need to spend more time on promotions.

Create Social Profiles:

Social profiles are very helpful to promote any type of business on the Internet and you can also meet the people in the same field.
With these social profiles, you can join communities related to your topic and it’s easy to share your skills and works in front of many people.
Increase your followers and keep in touch with them and motivate them by posting your works and income reports.
You can also teach new people by offering paid classes to them.
Or you can create a course sell them to people who are interested to learn from you!
That’s cool, right! guiding people also add some more bucks to your pocket!
Here, we are at the end of this article. I hope this article helps you to understand the freelance writing job.


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