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How To Start The Dropshipping Business With Amazon

Are you searching for an idea to start your own business? Or you are waiting for a genuine opportunity which helps you to make a full-time living? Then you are at right place. Today, we are going to discuss the dropshipping business. And this step by step guide will teach you how to start the dropshipping business.

Dropshipping business is one of the greatest opportunities on the internet with high potential for making good profits.
Many internet marketers are making thousands of dollars from the first month with dropshipping.
It is the best plan for people who want to start their business with low investments.
The returns are also very high. Let’s look at the what actually dropshipping is?

So, What Does Dropshipping Actually Means?

In dropshipping, you have to find & make a deal with certified wholesalers.
You buy products at wholesale price. Then you have to open an online store for that products & you will fix your selling price for that products.
You don’t have to bother about the shipping process. You can start promotions of your store.
If you made any sales, then you will contact the wholesalers, they will ship products to customers for you. You receive profits every time someone purchase products.
This is a dropshipping business and you can sell any type of products to make money without owning the company or products.
This is the best opportunity for newbies, small, and home-based businesses.

Dropshipping Benefits:

The main benefit of dropshipping is that you don’t need any inventory.
Very less work involved in this business. It’s very easy to start up.
You can set up your online store in a single day and you can get your orders from the first day if you promote as well.
Dropshipping doesn’t need any huge investments. You don’t have to pay for any warehouses and you don’t need any other employees.
You only buy products when you get orders. The only investment you spend money is on creating your website, and advertising.

Skills Needed To Rock Dropshipping Business:

If you want to become successful at dropshipping business, then you need great marketing skills and administration skills.
You have to provide the best customer services to become successful in this business.
Businesses with great customer services will attract more customers. Also, you should maintain some positive relationship with your customers.
These skills will bring a higher number of sales and increases your profits. A person with the above skills can do well in this dropshipping business.

How To Start The Dropshipping Business With Amazon:

Amazon is the largest online product selling platform in the world.
It has hundreds of millions of monthly active buyers. It’s the best platform to start your dropshipping business.
Selling products on a big platform like Amazon is really a great idea. Your chance for good returns is very high with Amazon.
Another benefit with Amazon is, it receives the products from wholesalers for you and It will send the products to your customers.
Amazon allows retailers to sell products. You have to sign up for Amazon seller account. If you get approval, then you can start selling on Amazon. They don’t approve all brands and products.

How To Sell Products on Amazon:

create an e-commerce store:

First of all, you need an e-commerce store to list your products. Shopify is the best platform to set up your online store.
It has also partnered with the biggest e-commerce websites like Amazon, and AliExpress. You can add Amazon as a sales channel on your Shopify store.
There are some Amazon guidelines and restrictions you must follow those to sell your products on their platform.
You can directly open Amazon store for some niches like books, electronics, games, computer etc.
And to sell products related to other niches, you must get approval from Amazon.

How To Create Amazon Seller Account:

Create an Amazon seller account. Enter your name, email, and password in the sign-up form and submit to go to the next pages.
Also, provide further details like address and tax information.
Once you are on your dashboard, you can check the requirements to get approval for each category.
Get approval for niches you are going to target.

Link your Amazon Account On Shopify:

Go to the Shopify website and start your free trial for 14 days. If you want, you can pay later.
Sign up with all your details & Store details. Once you submit your sign up form, you will be on the dashboard.
Later you have to link your sales channel like Amazon, eBay, or anything else.
You can link your Amazon account to your Shopify store once you get approval from Amazon.
If you get the approval then click on the left menu bar on your Shopify dashboard and scroll down to Sales Channel and click on the “+” symbol to add your store.
A Popup list will come up and choose the Amazon from the list. Click on Add Channel to select Amazon. Then click on “Connect To Amazon” button to confirm.
That’s it. You have created your own dropshipping shop. You are now an owner of your business!
Start adding products to your shop and add your prices, photos of products and set up everything you want.
It won’t take more time. Once everything was done perfectly, start promotions.

Enable Shopify Track Inventory:

This option from Shopify will save you from negative reviews and comments.
This allows customers to buy products if they are in stock. If the products are not in stock, It tells customers & stops orders for no stock products.

It’s Promotions Time:

Here, we are completed with setting up an e-commerce store.
Now, start promotions to get sales. Using Amazon and Facebook ads program, you can increase your sales with low investments spending on these advertising platforms.

Strategies To Get More Sales:

  • Never depend on sales from Amazon only. Promote your store on other platforms too. Use social media ads, groups, and others forums to promote your brand.
  • Offer some discounts and cash back to your customers. Because people love to buy products with offers. You can create an offer coupon on your store with Shopify. So create one and promote it on coupon websites.
  • Make sure you are still profitable or not after giving discount coupons on your products. You must consider a few things before pricing your products. Because there are some investments you put on the products so you should include all these prices and your profits too.
  • Think about competitors, try to offer the best products at low prices than your competitors. So you can be at the top of the list and get more sales.
So, here we are at the end of this article. Now you know what is dropshipping and how to set up your store to start a dropshipping business.
Hope this articles will help you to start your business.

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